Sunday, 11 April 2010

Willow Warbler Returns to Patch

11th April. I was thinking I was going to be unlucky and not find a Willow Warbler on the same date as 2009, but I picked up the song coming from the large gardens behind the village, as I walked across the still sodden playing fields. I'm fairly confident I got my eye on another close by where the song was coming from.

The area where the school burnt down a few years ago was holding a number of very flighty Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies, which give me no opportunity to photograph them. This is also the spot where I found the Peacock Butterfly just a few days ago and I had sighted one or two in different areas again today.

The Nuthatch is very busy at the nest hole. I watched for sometime to see if I could see the pair, but eventually decided to walk off. I just got around the corner and the bird began to call loudly. I returned to find it almost upright calling from a branch close to the nest hole. The calling initially only brought some interest from a couple of Blue Tits which seemed to drop in to investigate, then another Nuthatch flew in and seemed to disappear into the nest hole. I decided to leave them at peace at that point.

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