Friday, 9 April 2010

Nuthatch Spring Cleans!

Back on sentry duty!
9th April. As I passed by on the bus today, I had a good sighting of the two Oystercatchers near the smaller lake that had been reported by John (Sedgedunum Warbler) so on my return I decided to hop of the bus and have a short walk on patch. By then the Oystercatchers had gone. There wasn’t much happening at all at the lake although I’m wondering if the Great Crested Grebes have a nest on the reed edge. I was pleased to see the sentinel Grey Heron back at its usual spot. It didn’t seem phased at all by my presence. Perhaps a little too trusting by half, considering its position!

I carried on in the hope of hearing some early Willow Warbler song, but that wasn’t to be. However I did catch snatches of calling from a Nuthatch and I found one at last year’s nest hole. It disappeared into the hole for a while then came back to the entrance and appeared to be doing a bit of spring cleaning. My first Nuthatch of the year and I had been wondering where they all were.

Further on the air was full of calls from Chiffchaffs, and the song of Wren, Robin, Song Thrush and Blackbird with the occasional call of a Pheasant and Mistle Thrush. The song from the Song Thrush followed me for a fair old distance. As I moved on I heard some rustling in the undergrowth and what I initially though was Rabbits turned out to be a Fox slinking away. It disappeared as if by magic giving me only a very brief sighting. I’ve had a sighting here before.

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