Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Reeling on Patch.

Oi you lot, have you seen the mess those humans down there are making of our city? To think they had the nerve to ask for us to be moved after I'd white washed the flat!

27th Apr. Bird song is reaching a climax on patch with numbers of Willow Warbler songsters seeming to now be out numbering Chiffchaff. Other songsters included Song Thrush, Blackbird, Wren, Dunnock, Robin tits and finches. I found a silent male Blackcap, but no Whitethroats in their usual territories as yet. I heard the reeling of at least one (possibly two) Grasshopper Warblers. I thought I’d picked up reeling as I walked along the roadway, but everything was being drowned out by traffic. Once down the wagon-way it was unmistakeable. I’ve never heard them before, in what is in fact an ideal area for them. Watched for a sighting for sometime and even moving to a bit of high ground giving excellent views over the area brought no luck. I’ll keep an eye on this spot and the area along the wagon-way I found the Grasshopper Warbler last year.

Last Saturday I was in town and purchased my Admiral Collingwood book that I promised myself and couldn’t resist another look at the Kittiwakes.


  1. Brian,
    Will post more info later but Great Crested Grebes on larger lake laid first egg this morning. As i stood Common Terns appeared overhead and started fishing. I don't remember seeing any last year, have they been before?

  2. Thanks for the info John. I'll get down to lake later in the week.
    Common Terns are regulars John, sometimes in numbers on passage. One has been around for a while. Most of last year I sighted only a couple over the lake, feeding on a regular basis. Cheers. Brian