Monday, 2 July 2012

My Special Mug!

Spain have the cup, but that falls into insignificance when weighed against my special mug.  A birthday gift from my mate Sam and more than worthy of a place on my blog.

Modesty prevents me from explaining the inscription, however I will say that the owl in the hat is Ogwin Short Ears (don't ask) one of the Short Eared Owls which wintered at Prestwick Carr.  Photo taken by Sam of course.  It was an exceptionally cold day, as you can see!

The mug is to be kept for special occasions.  I'm just thinking I could use it to celebrate lifers, so as to ensure it will last.

Thanks OGG, a very special mug indeed!:-)


  1. When i read the post title i was expecting to see your most treasured asset.......your face (not y scope)beaming out at us.
    I much prefer it these days when people FORGET my birthday as i try to.
    Anyway, a belated birthday wish from an Old Gumpy Git to an Old Grumpy Git..........and tell that owl next winter when it returns to Prestwick to wear a scarf when it's chilly or it'll catch its death.

  2. Ha Ha. The trick is John, that once a certain age is reached it's best to knock a year off each birthday rather than adding one on!
    Hope your bearing up and thanks. Cheers.

  3. Yep, I have now also decided to deduct a year every birthday, rather than adding one, lol. I'd recommend it!

  4. Aye, it works Mark. I believe you've just celebrated your 21st!

  5. That's correct, lol! I think I've been into deducting for a while now. Always adding a year is over-rated, it's more interesting to go backwards!