Saturday, 7 July 2012

In Macro Mode

The only Large Skipper Butterfly found.

7th July.  Yes I’ve at last gone and done it.  I’ve bought my Canon macro lens.  Thoughts of cash leaving my vaults had me in a sweat for a day or two, but don’t concern yourselves as the rain has cooled me down.

I met up with Sam who had been busy photographing for a couple of hours on patch today.  Birds seen included Great Crested Grebe and the now apparently resident male Goosander, now in eclipse. Common Terns and hirundines were about, but my main objective was to get some practice in with the new lens.  The chat invariably turned to photographic matters as well as birds and other wildlife.  My growing enthusiasm for photography owes much to Sam as does any improvements I may make, although he is I know too modest to take credit for this.

Anyway I thought I’d post a few of my trial photos as very much a beginner to real macro photography.  Sadly we only found one Large Skipper Butterfly where last year there were many in the same area.  The damn damselflies would not settle at all.  I eventually settled for some practice on the Bees, Hoverflies.  Very much a hand hold only photographer at present, I do hope to get into this macro and other photography more seriously as I go along.  I have to now, having spent cash on the best quality lens I have ever owned!

The patch is a bit of a quagmire in places.  At least one very large fish had been washed up and stranded and now lies rotten on the grass and another lay in the water.  I noted a few residents on the lake shore had the sandbags at their doors.


  1. Good set of shots Brian, it can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time doing Macro,looks to be a good combo your using.

  2. Hi Brian, I think your Small Skipper is a Large...the mottled wings are the give away, small skipper is very uniform. It is a shade early too, maybe next weekend. Cheers...

  3. Thanks Brian. I already have a feel as to the frustrations:-) The lens is the Canon 100 2.8L Macro IS USM. Already feeling I need a new body to replace 450D, but that is not a priority.
    Thanks Stewart. You know, I thought that the chequered appearance suggested suggested Large Skipper and then for some reason I put it down to Small. The funny thing is you put me right on this once before, but you won't remember. Cheers both.

  4. Despite the frustrations, there are some very nice shots there! It was well worth the money by the looks of it.

  5. It puts a new perspective on things Mark.

  6. Yes it almost feels like you can eyeball insects, lol.