Thursday, 3 November 2011

Short Eared Owls Back On Patch.

3rd Nov. A txt from Cain alerted me to the fact that Short Eared Owl/s had been reported on patch. The afternoon light was just beginning to fade a little but I reckoned if i stepped out I could be along the wagon-ways and still have time for a good sighting before dark. So off I went.

There wasn't time to take much interest in what else was about. That's not normally my way, but the cloud seemed to suggest that darkness would set in quickly. As I neared the area a passing dog walker confirmed that she had been watching owls in the area that I had expected to find them. As I walked down the pathway a Short Eared Owl flew from the hedge and across the field to join another hunting Short Eared Owl. Both were very active and giving good sightings. They eventually flew off across the fields. On my return I found that one had perched in the hedge again, not very far from the footpath.

By now the light was really going, but a lone Kestrel still hovered over the fields. With all the activity at Prestwick Carr I had more than half expected Short Eared Owls to turn up on patch again this year. After the good sightings of two years ago I had kept a close look out over last winter, but found nothing. I'm hoping we have over wintering birds here.

I couldn't beat the darkness home, but I did manage to out pace the downpour of rain.


  1. Hi,
    I Havent commented on any of your post before but have been following for a little while and your post can be a great help to me (I live in Killingworth too) incase i have missed anything. I've been going to go to Prestwick for some time to look for the short-eared's but Havent had a chance, if you dont mind me asking was this the top Wagonway next to Amberley fields or the another wagonway?

  2. Hi Sam
    I'll have to take a look at your blog.
    The wagon-way you need to look on is the one that goes down to Holystone. If you walk along the one from Amberly (where farm shop is)and join the road the one you want joins the road right opposite the farm (which I think is called East Farm)and goes down to Holystone. I understand the owls were about today. Let me know if you have any problems with my directions.
    Good luck