Saturday, 19 November 2011

Down to Earth, Back to Patch.

19th Nov. I took a walk down the wagon-ways today. The usual garden birds where to be seen with Goldfinch flocks growing. The flocks of Black Headed Gulls were joined by a few Common Gulls. Collared Doves sat on the overhead wires. Once past the first farm the fields were very quiet until I found lots of Feral Pigeons and feeding nearby them at least six Stock Doves.

I found no Short Eared Owls today. I know Holywell Birding was down there earlier in the week and didn’t find any then either. It seems that the birds may have moved on. I’ll continue to keep a look out.

There was still some interest to be had with a flock of about forty, very active, Linnet and I estimated about sixty to seventy Fieldfare showing very well on the fields and in the hedges. A flock of sixteen Lapwings flew across the area. The only other bird I saw in the hedge on the Killingworth/Holystone wagon-way was Dunnock.

After a while, despite the bright sun, the cold started to get to me. I watched the sun lower in the sky as I walked home. The light was as it can be in winter and shadows were long. A Pheasant crossed the road in front of me and went under the hedge of someone’s garden. Maybe it gets a regular feed there. The trees were being burnt out by the sun as I almost reached home.

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