Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Friends of Killingworth Lake

22nd Nov. I had been told of an inaugural meeting by Sam and Brian R concerning the Friends of Killingworth Lake http://www.killingworthlake.co.uk/ which was to take place this evening. I’ve not long been back from it and I’m pleased to say it was very well attended. Naturally there are interests in the lake coming from various viewpoints, but all in all everyone seemed keen to ensure good progress was made.

Yes, the now dead and unsightly floating reed-bed was mentioned on more than one occasion and it seems there are some plans to restore it. Wonder if we can get a larger one? I think you can be assured that Sam and the two Brian's will have something to say about conservation matters in the longer term.


  1. Cheers for the link, an interesting first meeting, hopefully a chance for all to work together to improve this area in a positive way.

    Its worked in other sites, Brier Dene being one example, some compromise will be needed i feel, as some areas of conflict will have to be overcome to move forward.

    It was nice to see a few people ive met over the years at the meeting, not all of whom are wildlife fans, but have a common goal to see the lake at its best.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I will post a link to your site from Killingworthlake.co.uk. I was impressed by the turn out and look forward to bringing this together. I think the benefits would be fantastic for the area serving both residents and lake/area users and yes there will be a few hurdles on the way.


  3. Thanks you both for the comments and thank you for the link Bryan. I'll put the Killingworth site under my 'sites worth a look'. Quite a few birders visit the lake on occasions.

    There seems to be quite a few Brians/Bryans about.:-)

  4. Cheers Brian, im a Brian BTW. ive taken the time to look through the Killiylake site, and there are things that i need to question at the next meeting.