Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Lifer in the Day of Killy

12th Oct. Persistence does pay dividends.

Leaving the dentist to his duties I made for Marden Quarry in the rain. I suspect the dentist wondered what I had in my bag, but it's not the first time I've arrived with binoculars etc in tow. I can't have been to the quarry for many a year as I couldn't remember where it was! Once found I decided that it's definitely worth keeping an eye on in future although today was not a day to be searching the bushes and trees for possible migrants.

If anything was going to make me forget the dentists chair it was going to be a lifer. I have to say the Lesser Scaup is unlikely to make my bird of the year short list, but a lifer is a lifer and I don't get that many.

I'll be back soon.:-) Looking forward to a dryer day tomorrow and some good birding I hope. Been an interesting week so far so hopefully it will continue.

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