Sunday, 30 October 2011

Killingworth Lake Floating Reed-bed!

30th Oct. Yes, it appears to have 'floated away' and left only a gulls paddling pool!

The information board by the side of the lake gives us all information on the benefits of the reed-bed. This includes the removal of pollution and hence the cleaning of the water! mmmmmmmmm!

I can't blame North Tyneside Council for the two savage winters we have had over the past two years and maybe they have not acted to try and restore the reed-bed because they are expecting another savage winter. If they are I hope that they have plenty of salt for the roads, unlike last year. (I can blame them for just leaving this in an awful state). Hopefully we will see some work done on this now pathetic looking structure in the future. Great shame if it is just forgotten as it had attracted some decent birds including Water Rail last year and sheltering migrant Common Sandpiper, my first seen on patch two years ago. I think I shall write to my Councillor as they always like to write to me, at least they do when there is an election coming up. I've already reported it to someone in the Parks Department.

Out for less than an hour today. Just enough time to find that the two Little Grebe are still on the lake. I couldn't find the Goldeneye today and found only two of the four Goosander seen a few days ago. A Sparrowhawk flew over the smaller lake.

Looking forward to a nice trip tomorrow to end the month on a high.

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