Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Short Outing

20th Sept. The morning had an clear autumnal feel and smell to it and although I had business to deal with and thus no time for birding the walk down to Forest Hall was a refreshing experience and I did notice the amount of weak song from Robins.

Later in the day I had the opportunity to make a quick visit to Prestwick Carr, but not before having lunch at the Cannon, Earsdon. Incidentally I’d recommend the food there. In stark contrast to the ‘lite bite’ I’d experienced in Killingworth recently, I was treated to a ‘real’ good lunch in a ‘real’ pub atmosphere and for only a couple of quid extra. I’ve just read this about the Cannon on the internet. ‘It used to be called The Spread Eagle and the name was changed to Cannon Inn during the Napoleonic wars , presumably because a ship full of French soldiers was captured along with at least one of their cannon in the river Blyth about 1805.
The soldiers were held prisoner in Earsdon where there was a garrison stationed. One of the houses in the village was always referred to as the Barracks’.

I saw from the local news today (21stSept), that there is a man sat up in a mature tree in Earsdon attempting to prevent it being taken down. I think he must have just gone up there today as I saw nothing of that sort yesterday.

Anyway, I was unable to spend very long at Prestwick Carr (I have it down for some winter visits) and I was unable to watch the owls although a number of birders were about in wait for them. A walk along the road did bring small flocks of birds moving through, including Willow Tits, Long Tailed Tits and Bullfinches. The Kestrels were active and Common Buzzard was seen in the distance.

Correction...I hope no one has dashed to Earsdon to look for the man up the tree. The gent is still up the tree as I type, but the tree is in Irton, Yorkshire! I could have sworn they said Earsdon earlier!

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