Saturday, 10 September 2011

Lonely Looking Sky

Lonely looking sky
lonely sky, lonely looking sky
and bein' lonely
makes you wonder why
makes you wonder why
lonely looking sky
lonely looking sky
lonely looking sky

Lyrics courtesy of Neil Diamond

10th September. In a stark contrast to last weeks venture on the North Sea I took a quiet walk out on patch today, during which the sunshine was interspersed by a light shower of rain. Autumn is definitely with us and the fields of crops are being cut, although the trees remain densely covered in foliage not making for easy bird watching.

With the threat of rain I had the wagon-way to myself. There was a lack of birds as well as people! The only real interest was what appeared to be a movement of Willow Warblers and some nicely coloured autumn birds where seen in the hedges. I think by now I can pick up the difference in call of the Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff quite easily with the former seeming a much softer and more gentle call to me.

The rain shower was blown eastwards and out to sea by the warm wind and the sky was in a constant state of change. Few birds meant I spent time watching the sky.

The second part of the wagon-way brought a few more people, but few more birds. The large flock of Linnets that I had seen in this area a short time ago were down to single figures today. The only other birds in any number, apart from the gulls, corvids and pigeons were the constant overhead Swallows which won’t be here for much longer.

Apart from a nice sighting of a pair of Sparrowhawks and a few Swallows that’s about the extent of my birding this week.

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