Monday, 17 May 2010

Perfect Light, Perfect Atmosphere!

Still some circles on the water.

Perfect light making for good reflections.
16th May. Tired though I was, I couldn’t resist taking a walk to the lake this evening to try and find the reported Black Necked Grebe. A heavy shower arrived as I walked towards the lake and no Black Necked Grebe was found on this occasion although I only really looked on the smaller lake where I had seen one a couple of years ago. Never mind, as when the heavy shower was over the light was perfect and the lake was showing at its very best, reflecting my constant thought that you don’t have to seek out picturesque surroundings to find beauty! I’d just been talking to a guy today who shared my views about the beauty of industrial areas. Not everyone shared those views, and seemed to forget that ‘beauty is I the eye of the beholder!’

As I looked down the larger lake at the reflected sunlight, the now well dispersed raindrops still fell, and formed small circles on the surface of the water. The lighting conditions were almost perfect and on the smaller lake the surrounding trees and shrubs were reflected clearly on the water. There were few people about and it was a calm and tranquil evening with plenty of bird song and an atmosphere only as it can be after heavy rain showers.

The Great Crested Grebes were feeding two youngsters and at least one other youngster was on the back of one of the adults. A pair of Common Terns fished over the lake and on occasions dived and caught fish only a few yards in front of me, whilst calling most of the time. One of the Common Terns eventually settled on the iron rails close by me and called constantly. I was surprised that it had let me approach so closely.
I walked home content with a very pleasant short evening walk, and as I passed the Nuthatch nest hole one of the adults returned to the nest with food. The Blackbird was singing at full belt as I closed the front door behind me.

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