Monday, 29 March 2010

Kittiwakes and Jazz on the Tyne

I reckon that when anyone is seriously interested in birds and other wildlife, the subject becomes a way of life rather than something one does as a hobby and only on occasions. I always watch for birds on bus, car and train journeys and even when crossing to go to the shopping centre. It wasn't surprising then, that I watched the Kittiwakes on the Tyne from the Sage last night. Not a bad bird hide at all. I can't help feeling it should have been on the north bank! I wish I had taken the bins!

I was having one of my rare nights out.:-) I was across there to see the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and it was a great concert. The first half was a very different interpretation of Gerswhin's Rhapsody in Blue and after half time, or the interval as it would be called in posher circles, we had a tribute to Buddy Rich. The drummer, Alyn Cosker was top notch.

I ended my cultural evening in bed listening to Radio Four. Sad I know, but there was a decent programme on what seemed to be about the spiritual effect birds have on people. I missed the beginning. I did hear Richard Mabey talking about how birds helped him get over his depression. Although he said initially that when he went out walking his depression got worse and not better, as he was so down at not been able to enjoy the bird as as he had done in the past, so to be honest I'm not so sure if it was the birds that helped him or just a plain old natural recovery. I suppose I could read his book Nature Cure to find out more, but to be honest I don't especially like his style of writing so I'll give that a miss I think. I do know that being out and about with nature gives me a lift and its when I'm at my most content. The Kittiwakes were a year tick by the way.

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