Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Killy Fresh from the Undergrowth

8th July.  I can’t claim that my garden this year has been alive with butterflies, but there is time yet.  The Speckled Wood Butterfly remains the most common visitor and oddly enough the Holly Blue has been the second most seen butterfly here, but these soon disappeared after a few days.  (A Speckled Wood Butterfly was seen today by the lake).  Otherwise it has been a single early Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and brief Peacock and Red Admiral fly through and a few whites.

After another frustrating hour or so in the sun earlier in the week I decided to return to the patch insect site before the rain began today.  I thought I might stand a better chance of finding some listless butterflies under cloudy conditions.  There were certainly plenty of Skippers, Ringlets and Meadow Browns on the sunny day and I found a few again today.

Large Skipper
I’ve included a few images from both days.  It wasn’t until today that I had any luck with Ringlet and Small Skipper.  In fact I believe this is the first Small Skipper I can definitely claim to have seen so far this year.  Large Skippers have been numerous.  I have yet to check out the identity of some of the insect life.

Small Skipper
I thought I may have my session cut short by a heavy downpour.  It was in fact cut short, but not in the way I expected.  I left after my card began to play up and I lost what I think may have been the best of my images of an unknown, but very obliging and colourful insect.  I suspect I sound a little like the angler who claims the largest fish got away!  I thought initially I’d lost everything from the card but that wasn’t the case.  First time I have had that problem so can’t complain.

Five Spot Burnet

Straw Dot Moth
I’d passed by the lake which is very quite indeed although the four cygnets which are a good size now were resting near the pathway.  Less success for the Great Crested Grebes this year I’m afraid as this seems to have been the first time for some years that young have failed to be produced.  I’ll probably have more to say on that at a later date.

 The butterflies helped to brighten up what has generally been a dull week, as did the colourful insects.

 I’m looking forward to attending the North East Photography Competition Awards tomorrow at the Hancock.   It is always a good evening.  6.00pm at the Hancock 9th June.  I didn’t enter (must do so next year), but know some who have. :-)

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