Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Now it's past my bedtime I know
And I'd really like to go
Soon will be the breath of day
Sitting here in Blue Jay Way

Please don't be long please don't you be very long
Lyrics by George Harrison and from the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

29th July.  I spoke to soon in saying that I had more to look forward to in July, as soon after saying that I was hit by some kind of bug and had to cancel a couple of ventures out to sea which I had been looking forward to.  I'll get there next year.

Never mind I was out in the fresh air today and on patch.  It was generally quiet, but I had met up with Sam so enjoyed the chat.  I'd been talking to a neighbour a couple of weeks ago and he told me he'd found a Jay in his garden.  I was rather envious I have to say as strange though it may seem I've never found a single Jay on patch over the years.  That was put right today as Sam and I watched a juvenile Jay at length. Well, it might be just a Jay to some, but it's a new patch tick for us!

Now I just need to find a Walrus and I can get some really good lyrics up.  Ahhh, those were the days.


  1. Aye, they don't write lyrics like that any more. GOO GOO G'JOOB.
    Yellow matter custard, semolina pilchard, crabalocker fishwife etc etc.
    One of my favs was a track called Blackbird on the Double White album. Long before i birded i have to add. Just a beautiful song. Joking aside they did write some brilliant songs Brian.

    1. Oh yes Blackbird, I remember well. Intelligent working class guys who made good and produced some fine lyrics along the way, many of which are classics. Not so sure that Magical Mystery Tour was there finest hour though! I do have the EP though. George Harrison was perhaps overshadowed too much by Lennon and McCartney.

    2. I reckon that usually bands are at there best in their early days. They are mean n lean n hungry. quite often success leads to commercialism and that "hard edge" they may have had is lost somewhat. Same with the Beatles to a certain degree after the Double White album. Their 60s 3 minute singles were pure pop (in the nicest way)
      I did have the MMT ep at one time but lord knows what happened to it. I did love my LPs which i put in a plastic sleeve / cover, punched holes in the corner of and hung them all over my bedroom along with the stubs off my concert tickets. The LP covers were almost works of art in some cases and were something to treasure. Not the same downloading i wouldn't think.

    3. Couldn't agree more John. The early years were the finest. I think the Beatles lost their way in the latter years. I remember being disappointed when I first listened to Sgt Pepper, but it was later that I realised what a great album it was. I have to say though, that I much preferred albums of the likes of Rubber Soul. I remember as if it were yesterday buying their first Album Please Please me in a shop not far from Whitehaven railway Station. I knew and still do with most of them, all the words off by heart. I still have all my albums and 45s. As for Magical Mystery Tour, it was I remember a big flop when it appeared on TV and it was slated by the critics. Think it might be worth a bob or two these days so I'll look after it.:-)