Sunday, 30 March 2014

Misty Patch

30th March.  I nipped down to the lake today.  It was late afternoon and the mist still hung around.  I spoke to one of the regulars who has a real interest in the wildlife on and around the lake and it was interesting to note that she shares my negative views as to how the Local Authority are dealing with the floating reed-bed which is no longer of any use as a nesting site! A coots nest was waterlogged along side the wired off floating structure.  I think the term floating structure best describes it.

I’d been alerted by Sam that the Scaup still remains and surely enough it showed really well until deciding to have a nap on the lake and the head disappeared.  There was no sign of the Mandarin Duck reported last week.  Goosander and Goldeneye are still represented.  A pair of Lesser-black Backed Gulls stood out from the crowd as did the Shovellers.  Best of all the Great Crested Grebes rested clearly as a pair now.  Chiffchaffs called in the background and Mistle Thrushes flew in the church grounds as I wandered home.  I was out for less than forty-five minutes.   


  1. The Scaup is almost certainly the bird reported at Big Waters also. I've called by Killy a few times recently and caught the GCG's interacting on the odd occasion they haven't been kipping. They were on the larger lake one day but have been on smaller one the other timers. Five Goosanders yesterday and a pair of Pied Wags late last week. Oh yes, and a pair of Mistle Thrush by the play park might be worth keeping an eye out for. On the ground before getting disturbed then in the small wooded area tucked away in the corner.

  2. It'll be interesting to see where the GCGs nest this year. I always feel they are more secure when choosing the spot away from the roadside, although that was spoilt last year by the draining of the lake at an inappropriate time although the second and third nests were as you know both successful.