Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Dry Stone Walling

18th March.  A rather different pursuit today as Sam and I experienced a practical introduction to Dry Stone Walling thanks to members (including my brother) of the Northumbria Dry Stone Walling Association.  We were mindful of course of the habitat that dry stone walls offers to a variety of wildlife.  Good that this craft is still practiced, if only by the few.

The day was not without birds as I saw a Kestrel on the journey to Stocksfield, heard my first Tawny Owl of the year and noted a few small passerines including Meadow Pipit.

I’ll let the images tell the tale.  If you think it looks easy I suggest you give it a try!



And after...with not a hair out of place! :-)

Anyway, only a short blog tonight.


  1. It is definitely harder than it looks, I tried this many moons ago! But it looks like you did a good job, lol.

  2. I can't really take much credit to be honest.:-) Definitely much harder than it looks. I understand there are interviews tomorrow for apprentice DSWs in the Northern Pennines. I'm afraid it's probably too late to apply!!!

  3. Lol. Yeah I certainly wouldn't be applying!