Sunday, 6 October 2013

Quiet Wetland

6th Oct.  Sam and I set of from the Briar Dene car-park today.  Although there seemed to be quiet a bit of activity in the bushes close to the beach we found only Goldfinch, Robin and tits.  The walk towards St Mary’s Island gave us Pied Wagtails in double figures.

Our intention today was to try and photograph waders, but such was the warmth, sunny weather and large number of folk we eventually gave that idea up.  Instead we just sat and watched with interest the antics and fashions wear of visitors of the human kind.  Some of it very interesting and I’d like to make a video and play it back to the folk concerned.  There was little in the way of migrant visitors of the avian kind though.  The large flock of Golden Plover were washed from the island in North Bay as the tide washed over it and other waders seen were Oystercatcher, Lapwing, Sanderling, Turnstone, Dunlin, Redshank, Curlew and Bar-tailed Godwit.  I still haven’t managed to find the Purple Sandpipers that I know are there somewhere.  The sea was like a mill pond today and there was little of interest on or over it.  Eiders and Cormorants of course.

Before sitting in North Bay we had taken a look at the wetland and Willows after chatting to BR.  The area was silent apart from the calls of I believe at least two Yellow-browed Warblers.  On returning home I listened to recordings of this birds call just to confirm we had that correct.  One bird was calling from the North West corner of the wetland and another which I saw very briefly in flight was calling as it moved through the Willows.  It was Sam who caught sight of the Peregrine Falcon directly over our heads.  It disappeared as it flew south.  As we walked to Seaton Sluice a Kestrel was briefly seen flying along the cliff edge.  Numbers of pairs of binoculars where focussed upon the sea but I can only think they were watching the boats rather than birds.  Unusually our visit did not include fish and chips although had restraunt been open I may have been tempted.  Castaways Cafe is on the list for an intended visit soon.

Maybe next weekend will bring a fall of birds such as I enjoyed in the area last year.  Until then we’ll make do with an image of Sam in action, or rather better described as preparing for action which didn’t materialise.  We enjoyed the afternoon none the less.

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