Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Patch Magician!

29th Oct.  The highlight of today’s outing was my first ever patch sighting (if somewhat brief) of a Merlin.  A female bird found hunting low over the field before disappearing behind tall grasses and the hedge.  This was near to where Sam had found a Merlin earlier in the year.  It has to be one of my best patch sightings of the year.  So after a long wait, rather like buses Merlins come in threes, with two sightings on Saturday and this one today.

I’d started my walk by visiting the lake.  The sun shone across the water which made viewing from some areas very difficult.  I found three female Goosanders and the one long staying male, along with two Goldeneye and a Little Grebe.  The wind had cleared the water of birds, so I didn’t spend time walking the length of the lake but instead made towards the village, passing fifty Canada Geese and two Greylag Geese.

Old faithful...the long staying Goosander.

 The walk to and along the wagon-ways was generally quiet apart from the sound of the flocks of Jackdaw and the distant metro trains and traffic on the A19.  I did find one Red Admiral Butterfly.  The quietness was broken by the sighting of the Merlin and that alone would have made the long walk worthwhile.  Shortly afterwards a flock of fifteen Fieldfare flew west.  There was little sign of much else until I reached the small flash where only Mallard and Moorhen were found.  A lone Mistle Thrush fed in the field nearby.

Autumnal Red Admiral Butterfly
As I drew near to the end of my circular walk some colour was added by the showing of a male Bullfinch and then Song Thrush, Blackird and tits were found visiting a feeding station.  I had earlier spotted one Goldfinch and heard many more.   The light was already going as I turned the corner and made for home.

Yesterday I’d attempted to look at the RSPB Local group web site for a reason I can’t remember.  The shock of what I found has made my memory go blank.  I was taken to a site advertising Love Films and Exotic East Asians Girls.  Honest, I was looking for the RSPB!  Somewhat taken aback I tried to enter the national RSPB site and was taken to this same site.  The line Exotic East Asian Girls caught the eye again.  Good grief, I know that the RSPB has changed its logo, the title and style of its magazine (BTW it’s far better, although I have to add that that wouldn’t have taken much doing) and its general emphasise, but as a long standing member I wasn’t ready for quite such a massive change as this.  I began to wonder if this was part of a new recruitment campaign.  You know what I mean.  Most members are stuck in there ways you know and it’s difficult to teach old dogs new tricks.  I wondered if they were changing the emphasise on the type of birds to seek out!  Well, before I started my letter to the RSPB Chief Executive today, which was going to voice my sheer disgust and general annoyance at such a disgraceful move as this, I decided to check the sites again.  It was with great relief that I found the sites had returned to normal.  I really hope that this hasn’t shaken too many of the members.  Anyway I must cut this blog short as I prepare to watch my new video before preparing to pack for Bangkok.


  1. You after a missus then ???
    Make sure you don't end up with one of those Ladyboys !!!!!
    No Brian, not Lazeeboys, I think you sit on them. lol

  2. After I'd watched me video I decided not to bother going John! Not sure I could cope with it all, so sticking to the patch and Holywell for now and counting Starlings!

  3. Tell me when you have enough for a murmuration then. lol