Monday, 21 January 2013


21st Jan.  I do remember a time when I hadn’t seen a Sparrowhawk.  One of the first I did see was at Aviemore.  I remember I didn’t get a good look at it as it felt as if it almost clipped by face with its wing when it flew past me in a wooded area.  I’m pleased to say Sparrowhawks are commonly seen now and I have hardly been out this year without having decent sightings of one.

My postage stamp garden is quite regularly visited by Sparrowhawks and I know of a nesting site not to distant from my home.  Today I looked out of the window to find that for once the birds in the garden had disappeared, not because of the neighbour's damn cats, but because of the male Sparrowhawk which was sitting on the fence begging to be photographed.  I was pleased that the pair of Song Thrushes had disappeared.  My camera was upstairs so despite a fitness run to get it I assumed the bird would have flown when I got back.  It had disappeared when I returned.  However it hadn’t gone far and flew down onto the lawn then onto the bird table.  I took some rather pathetic photographs through the window.  I’ve realised before that the Sparrowhawk often shows little real fear so I chanced to slightly open the door.  I’m pretty sure it realised I was there, but it remained on the bird table roof allowing good opportunities for photographs.  It had become the twenty-third species to visit the garden and nearby since the snow showers began.  It hung around for quite a while and eventually left to seek lunch elsewhere.



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  1. A great sight for the birdtable! Yeah I would imagine that no other birds decided to join it, lol.