Saturday, 6 October 2012

Holywell Evenings

4th and 5th Oct.  Two fine clear evenings saw Sam and me down at Holywell until after dark on both occasions.  On the first evening we had found on our arrival two Short-eared Owls hunting close to the pond area and later watched three Short-eared Owls hunting over a much wider area.  The three did not appear to include the darkest bird which seems to frequent the area close to the pond more than the other birds.  On an earlier occasion we know we had watched five birds and still wonder if there is not five still present in the area.  We know we still have four.

On both evenings the Short-eared Owls have been harassed by corvids, but appear to have more than held their ground on both occasions.

On both evenings we had close encounters with the owls, but perhaps the first evening brought the best opportunities for photographs and I know Sam has quite a stunning image.  Whilst taking up my spot in the hedge-way I counted at least eight Long Tailed Tits in a passing party and seemed to notice more Linnets flying in the area.  We bumped into Cain and walked with him back to the hide where we counted sixty plus Greylag Geese on the water.  As we made of for home on the first evening a pair of Tawny Owls called.  A single male bird seemed to call from west of Holywell Village. 

A pair of Kestrels flew in the area during our visits and a Common Buzzard was seen on the second evening.  The pond was much quieter on the second visit, although the Grey Heron was around along with Little Grebes and Teal. As we walked back   in darkness we heard the calls of Grey Partridge from both sides of the track.  Rain could be felt in the air as the sky in the west managed to hang onto some light area.  We heard no Tawny Owls on the second visit.  My mind remained focussed on Short-eared Owls and large expanses of sky, which weren’t bad thoughts to go home with.

6th Oct.  I had intended to walk the wagon-ways today, but didn’t, the primary reason for that simply being laziness.  I walked down to the lake instead and found that we now have another adult Great Crested Grebe on the lake, making a total of five.  The juveniles from the family of four are more or less full size now.  The two youngsters were swimming around together today, but eventually joined the parent birds and they continue to call a great deal of the time.  The Little Grebes also remain.  A ‘tide mark’ remains around parts of the lake following the heavy rains of late.

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  1. I'm pleased that the Short-Eared Owls are resilient enough, to not be chased off by the corvids.

    It's really nice having so many of them back around Holywell!