Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tales From the Riverbank...Part One...Reflections

16th April. Sam and I made for Plessey Woods today. We had a few targets in mind and whilst expecting to cover quite a bit of ground around the country park, as it turned out we spent all of the time on the banks of the River Blyth. It was a peaceful morning when we arrived and the sun shone brightly, especially from mid morning until early afternoon. This provided us with some very nice reflections on the river.

We sat by the bank for some lengthy periods, initially with only Dippers and insect for company. One of the latter has given me a rather nasty bite! When did stroll along the pathways and into the Blagdon Estate area, but there was little in the way of wildlife along there today so we soon retraced our steps, preferring to remain by the river rather than climbing up to the meadowland areas.

Thankfully it remained peaceful throughout our stay, although we did get chatting to a few folk along the way. The most interesting being an elderly angler who had obviously fished this and the surrounding areas for many, many years. So there was a little more reflection from him, as well as from the river, as he told us some tales from the past and mentioned some of the local characters he knows.

I’ll put up a few more photos and mention the bird life anon.

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  1. Sounds like it was another good day for mainly watching Dippers. I hope the sting from the insect bite has gone down a bit!