Monday, 26 March 2012

Sitting By the Lake

26th Mar. I sat by the lake and closed my eyes and thought it was mid summer today! Once my eyes opened again I studied the Great Crested Grebes behaviour taking careful mental notes. I managed some photos too. Both pairs of Great Crested Grebe remain.

I didn't ignore the other birds, and in particular it was difficult not to note the antics of the Coots. One of them preening at length before another left the nest to join it for a bit of mating. The light made the reflections and patterns on the water interesting today too. It was definitely a time to just sit/stand and watch. Chiffchaffs sang in the distance. Peacock Butterflies flew near, and rested upon, rocks at the edge of the lake.

I was joined by another grebe watcher later and we had an interesting chat as we enjoyed the sun. It was fellow patch worker and grebe watcher Sam.

Washed it yesterday and can't do a thing with it!

Cute Coot

Always love the effects on the water.


  1. The Great Crested Grebe, seems to have been seen at the lake a lot lately. It looks very majestic I always think, lol.

    Not a bad start to a day seeing that in the glorious sunshine! Long may it continue,lol.

  2. Thanks for all the comments Mark.:-)
    The Great Crested Grebes give a very good opportunity to watch a species in some depth. I'm keeping notes.

  3. Cheers Brian. I look forward to hearing what you learn about the G.C Grebes. They are a really nice bird!