Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gone Fishin'.

28th March.

Gone fishin'. . .see him snoozin' by a brook
Gone fishin'. . .didn't even bait his hook
There's his hound dog by his side fleas are bitin' at his hide
He won't scratch 'em he's to tired he ain't got no ambition
Gone fishin'. . .learnin' fishin' worms to swim
I'm wishin. . .he wuz me and I wuz him
Wish I had a plane to fly here's what I'd write in the sky
Gone' fishin'. . .instead of jest awishin'

Just think Bing Crosby.


  1. Sadly I'm old enough to remember that song !!!!

  2. Thanks guys.:-)

    Think the song is what would be known as a Golden Oldy, Brian. ha As well as being recorded by Bing Crosby I believe it was also covered by Pat Boone and Gene Autry. The latter being known as the singing cowboy, who had a big hit with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer'. They don't make music like that these days!!!

  3. Great pics. You managed to get the G.C Grebe over a period of a few consecutive seconds, with the fish. Impressive!

  4. My wife bought me a "Gone Fishing" mug 6 years ago and its sitting on my desk at work full of pens, pencils, scissors etc. It was cute the first couple of times I used it as it plays the tune when you lift it up but after a while it was so bloody annoying. Just lifted it up again to check and sure enough it still bloody works after 6 years, obviously not a battery from the "Pound Shop"


  5. Sounds like a very classy mug you have there John!!! :-)

  6. Sorry Mark, didn't mean to ignore you.:-) Thanks for the comment.

  7. That's fine Brian. I'm enjoying following the blog.