Wednesday, 1 February 2012

That Water Rail Again!

1st Feb. Just thought I would update regarding the Water Rail I spotted in Jesmond Dene in January. I’ve no doubt that cold conditions at the time had made it move from elsewhere, possibly Gosforth Park.

Sadly I have to report that it was not a first record for Jesmond Dene. However, after some careful research by guys in NTBC I’ve been given the following information.

Birds of Jesmond Dene written by Sir George Noble and published by Eyre and Spttiswoode Ltd 1930 says on page 23……………………

’63. Water Rail Rallus aquaticus

Seen in burn at Crag Hall in 1910 or 1911 CA’

It is thought that the C A may stand for Colonel C. Adamson. This particular Water Rail was seen in the same area as I recorded my sighting.

So there you are, I may not have a first for the dene, but it seems I have a first in over 100 years and I’m going to settle for that very significant sighting and don’t mind following the good Colonel into the record books. :-)

I’d like to thank those guys in the NTBC who first raised my attention to the significance of the sighting, and those who then went to great lengths to research it. It was Mike Cook who found the info in Birds of Jesmond Dene.

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