Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Still Frozen

7th Feb. A sunny afternoon, so I had a quick walk down to the lake and found it still frozen in the main. There was no life at all on the small lake. On leaving the house I had seen a Sparrowhawk disturb birds in the nearby hedge. I’m not sure if it caught one or not.

There was lots of activity on the larger lake with lots of flights of Mute Swans, Canada Geese and the family of seven Greylag Geese (seen flying up and down the lake). Common Gull numbers to have reached new heights with almost as many of them as Black Headed Gulls. I counted nine Goldeneyes on the lake and can’t remember ever seeing such numbers here before. The males were displaying and being followed by the females. I suspect there may have been five pairs and that I missed one of the females in the packed waterfowl flocks on the part of the lake not still frozen. The pair of Shoveller remain.

Just as I was thinking of turning round I spotted someone taking photographs and it turned out to be Sam. My walk was therefore extended a bit and included some chat.

There are some plans afoot to flatten the British Gas area south of the lake and build housing. How many more houses do we require in the North East? I certainly hope that this does not involve encroachment onto the green areas around the lake or there may be another petition on the offing! I’m pleased to note that the petition concerning the Management Team in the Derwent Valley exceeded the number of names which was required to have the issue discussed at a Council meeting.

I’ve made very good progress with the Harry Potter books and I’m now into the penultimate volume The Half-Blood Prince. If you haven’t read these books I strongly recommend that you do. I don’t know how I shall fill my time once I’ve finished them. I’ll be back to reading about ornithology I guess.:-)


  1. I'll have to let you know where to stop in the last book so you can watch Part 1 of the last film. I would personally recommend you read the book all the way up to the end of Part 1(film) and then instead of reading Part 2(film) watch the film first and then read Part 2. Does that make any sense at all? Reasoning behind that is, without spoiling it there is a lot of action in part 2 of the last film/book and its better represented on film than in the books. Also watching the film first will make the ending all that more exciting, trust me!

  2. Thank you for the information Andrew. I think I understand.:-)
    I've taken to checking all windows and doors are locked at night.......no idea why. Guess I just don't want he who must not be named getting at me!