Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Leaving the Dentist's Chair for a Lesser Scaup

4th Jan. Unfortunately it was one of my now regular dental visits today. I’m beginning to think that only concrete will prevent my fillings from dropping out. My dentist wondered why I had not joined the surgery Christmas party, so well does he know my face and mouth. Can you imagine a Christmas party at the dental surgery? Never mind the party poppers, let’s get the needles and drills out. Every drill has a silver lining however and I took the chance to nip down to Marden Quarry to tick off the long staying Lesser Scaup. It was found without any problem at all as it dived near to the centre of the pond. Maybe against my principals chasing after a bird already seen, especially this Lesser Scaup just to get it on my year list, but I’m on a mission this year so principals may have to be cast aside occasionally.

Some very odd looking specimens of bird in that quarry I must say. I did find a single male Goosander and my first Greenfinches of the year. A flock of Goldfinch where making quite a noise. Although I was there at mid day it was dark and miserable.

I’d taken another short walk on patch on 2nd January and found the place devoid of most bird life. Never the less I did manage to add Sparrowhawk, Mistle Thrush, and Bullfinch to the list. My horizons may now be going to widen a little from the patch.

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  1. There is a Ring-necked Duck that's been quacking in my direction for a few days down Teeside way.