Saturday, 14 January 2012

Bittern X Two

Another room with a view. This time with sunny, frozen outlook and Bitterns!

I can remember when you rarely saw anyone in this area!

Wonderful habitat

14th Jan. More great sightings of a Bittern today. This time initially half hidden on the edge of the reeds (a sighting at anytime I would be very pleased to have recorded) then fully exposing itself on the frozen pond at Gosforth Park N R. As this Bittern was being watched another flew across the pond from the far reeds. I hadn’t been able to pick this one up in my binoculars as it too had apparently been standing at the edge of the reedbed. I’ll let Sam’s photo’s (up in the next day or two) say the rest. Not a bad sighting for your first Bittern Sam!? All of this when the Common Snipe seemed to have remained in the exact same position that I saw it two days ago! A Reed Bunting was seen in the reeds. Attention taken by the Bitterns, I didn’t spend to much time looking at the ducks but most were once again Wigeon, which had been heard whistling as we approached the pond

Whilst watching the Bittern I was asked by a fellow birder who joined us, everyone else had left, if I had lost my wallet. My first reaction was to say no. Then I felt my pocket and realised I had lost the wallet! Thanks to reserve warden Paul Drummond for taking this to my home. I’m very grateful.

The reserve was at it best today. An icy but sunny day with clear skies. The feeding station was busy with birds and bird watchers. We were all asked to show our membership cards this morning and I guess that was when the wallet went. It seems non-members have been filling the hide at the feeding station and members have not been able to get in. Cheek of it! Joining the NHSoc is quite easy, as is paying the subs! I actually had a conversation with someone a while back who told me that he had every right to enter the reserve and enjoy nature without becoming a member of the society. Sadly attitudes like that are not unusual in society.

Anyway once the wallet business had been sorted a trip was made to Prestwick Carr. That damn Great Grey Shrike eluded me again. I apparently missed it by minutes if not seconds. Not to worry, as the show put on by the Short Eared Owls more than made up for it. Once again flying north, south and east of the bumpy road. I remain in love with the Bittern, but those Short Eared Owls know how to pull at my heart strings.

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