Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Black Scoter

19th April. I had made arrangements to meet up with a friend for lunch today and was wondering how I could gently suggest we took it at Bamburgh. In the event it wasn't too difficult. I think the brilliant weather helped to convince even a non birder that it was a good idea. Not quite so sure that with wet feet the idea sounded so good but by then it was too late.:-)

Arriving near Stag Rock, I found a small flock of Common Scoter, but no Black Scoter was to be seen. Joining a few other birders on the beach I found that none of them had been able to pin point the bird, but I knew it had been sen earlier in the day. I suggested a walk a little further north where we found two other birders, who had traveled for five hours apparently, who had tracked the bird down amongst a flock of scoter that I had seen fly in. My thanks to them for helping me pinpoint the Black Scoter. A lifer in the day of Brian. I have to admit however that it was a pretty lousy sighting. Never mind, better late than never, and it was one that I didn't think I'd get the chance to see.

Not having much time, I wasn't able to find the Long Tailed Duck and divers that were reported. However I did add Shag, Gannet, Guillemot and Puffin to the year list. If I'm honest I enjoyed the sightings of the Puffins more than the scoter. Yes really! Never the less, thanks go to my friend for the tolerance if nothing else.:-)

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