Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Thrushes and Woodcock

23rd Feb. Not so much spring in the air today, but going by the temperature drop, mid winter! I took a late’ish afternoon walk on patch. There was nothing much about until I got to the fields behind the village and found a flock of 150-200 Redwings feeding, with a few staying in the trees. With them were two Fieldfare, six plus Mistle Thrush, a single Song Thrush staying near to the hedge and Blackbirds. Corvids were also in the field along with a single Pheasant and Starlings.

Once I got to the other end of the village and onto the wagon-way I had a fleeting sighting of a Woodcock flying over. This was in the exact some spot as I had seen one at the beginning of the year. I thought a couple of guys with their dogs may have flushed it, but when we got talking they said not. They didn’t know what a Woodcock looked like, which is fair enough, and asked if it had a long bill. They went on to tell me they regularly see a number in the fields. I think in fact they mean Curlews, but they did point out a footpath they follow so I think I’ll take a look down that way. The only other bird of note was a hunting Kestrel. I was pleased to get home out of the cold.


  1. Looks like you had a good patch walk:) Thats another thing I find interesting about the Woodcock, its regular flight paths, it amazing how regular, and how precise these flights are, so much so that you can predict where they will fly if flushed.

  2. Yes Cain, exactly the same flight path as my previous sighting. I waited a little while to see if it returned, as it appeared to last time, but it didn't on this occasion. I do reckon it was flushed by the guys with the dogs so I'll have to keep a lookout.