Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Spring on to Patch.

Spring is bursting out all over...........

16th Feb. It felt and sounded like spring was in the air today, although there was lots of cloud looking ominous and the water underfoot reminded me that we are still in winter. As I walked through the church grounds where numbers of Goldfinch were in song, and across the fields to the lake, I noticed that the Common Gulls appeared to be out numbering the Black Headed Gulls and I just don’t remember seeing so many in the area before. I tend to take a look for a Mediterranean Gull these days, but have never found one on patch and today was no exception.

I found that a Great Crested Grebe had arrived back on the lake and five Goosanders remain. The Goosander numbers have failed to reach the heady numbers of last winter. There were several Goldeneyes and the odd Pochard. Canada Geese numbers remain high and two Greylag Geese are still about. Otherwise it was the usual birds on the water and a couple of Cormorants by the edges. Good to see so many buds on the trees.

I’d hope to fine some early signs of Lesser Celandine Ranunculus ficaria in the usual spot behind the village, but only found areas of earth dug up again to provide ramps for the cyclists. Not only that, but trees pulled and sawn down so as to strengthen the ramps. They had obviously grown tired of the ramp that they put up last year so have left that and moved to another area and dug that up. :-( I did come across a pair of Bullfinches in this area and think I caught a snatch of their song. It wasn’t easy to pick out as there was so much song from other birds today. I was just thinking to myself that winter thrush numbers had been well down on patch this year when I turned and found a number of Redwings in the trees. I thought initially about fifteen but when I continued to walk I found more scattered amongst the trees. Difficult to estimate numbers, but I would think forty to fifty plus. A handful of Mistle Thrush flew over too.

I heard several, and saw the odd Wren today, and Chaffinches and tits were singing. The House Sparrows were noisy as I approached home and the air had been full of Robin and Blackbird song and calls.

I looked at the weather forecast as I’m hoping to do some coastal birding on Thursday. Heavy showers I see. However, as it said it was supposed to be raining heavily today I won’t lose any sleep over that forecast. The forecast on the BBC home page has got to be the worst forecast around. There you are, I have just this minute heard wot’s his name on Look North, say that Thursday is to be mainly dry. However spring was short lived as we are down to minus degree temperatures again during the night.
Did anyone notice I had Kikki making a comment on a previous post? Not a bird I would welcome on my year list, thank you very much. I think a scan is in order to ensure she didn’t bring any nasty infections with her!

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