Monday, 11 January 2010

Newcastle RSPB Local Group Seed Dispersal

The recent comments made by Alan T about the plight of birds during the freezing weather got me thinking that the Local Group could and should be proactive here. I had a word with some colleagues and the result is that I have just ordered 25Kg of seed which I hope to put out in the Holywell and maybe Rising Sun area during this week. I'll ensure I find out where it is most appropriately put. I realise there is a thaw now, but I'm sure feed will still be needed and welcomed. This has been funded by members of the group and not by RSPB funds.

I'm pleased to have noted that the needs of birds and other wildlife have been recently highlighted in the local media.

I am nursing a sore 'gob' at the moment after dental treatment, but hope to be out in the above areas this week.


  1. Super stuff Brian, NTBC have now pitched in and we have a huge initiative planned from the weekend with targeted seeding where the bird flocks are.
    Discussing this with a well connected person earlier and there is ringing evidence that many of the surviving birds are in poor condition, this feeding will help improve that and hopefully impact oin this year's breeding success as a result. Well done mate.

  2. Brian
    I have been frequenting the Rising Sun every day since last Monday due to the state of the roads and doing my bit feeding birds but if i can help around Swallow Pond in any way i would be more than pleased to do so if you are incapacitated. I will happily pick up any seed that needs distributing either here or at Holywell. Leave a message on my last posting on my blog if i can help in any other way also. I can do this tomorrow if required.
    John Sedgedunum Warbler

  3. Thank you for your kind offer John. I'll leave a message as suggested. Cheers Brian.

  4. Read it and replied Brian. The offer stands if needed.