Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A New Patch Sighting!

A Redwing Banquet. They are in there somewhere!

Wagon Way

Looking towards Palmerstone

Wagon Way

View form Wagon Way across the City.


As the mini ice age continues and shows no sign of retreat, I thought I would take a walk to the village and a little way beyond after I had watched the classic soap opera Neighbours. I wasn’t expecting much birdlife to be about but thought I might capture some decent snow scenes. Perhaps I had left it a little late for good views of the snow and maybe I need to be up and out early one morning.

One thing the walk did bring me was the Redwings I had missed out on at the weekend. They were feeding on the same berries as were the Blackbirds. The Redwings were my first of the year. I decided to walk along to the wagon way that runs down to the Great Lime Road and I slowly walked down the deeply snow covered track. As expected there were few birds about and I decided to skip walking into the fields through very deep snow. Several ‘off school’ youngsters were sledging down the bank. I resisted the temptation of asking if I could have a go and telling hem that when I was a lad the snow used to come up to your neck. The fields between the wagon way and Palmerstone were an untouched blanket of snow which appeared to lack any sign of life.
As I retraced my steps it began to snow again and this helped give the sky and lowering sun a very good effect. I stopped to take some photos and as I stood there a Woodcock flew low above my head. Great to have a new patch bird for the list so early in the year. I had been a bit envious of other peoples Woodcock sightings. As I watched the sun slip behind cloud another Woodcock, or perhaps the same bird retracing its flight, flew in the opposite direction than my first sighting, this one giving an even better view. The short walk had been well worth the effort. As I walked home I watched and listened to a growing number of Jackdaws and Rooks in the tree tops and as I arrived home I once again cleared the path of snow.


  1. A nice patch tick, a wonderfully mysterious bird, I had another 2 at Red House Farm this afternoon. Will get in touch over the weekend. Cheers, Cain

  2. Yes, I was pleased to add that one to my patch list as it was most unexpected. Speak later. Cheers Brian.

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