Sunday, 2 August 2009

Insects On Patch 3

Peacock Butterfly.

As the sun shone today I was out for a short walk to the patch of grasses down the road and was taking particular attention to see if I could find any Cinabar Moth caterpillars on the Common Ragwort. I'm not sure why I did this as I've yet to see a Cinabar Moth on patch! None found, but I was rewarded with this little poser below. I have seen lots of butterflies this year, but few Peacocks. Lots of Flesh Flies about today too. The number of Small Skippers has fallen, although some are still around along with Small Whites.

I could hear the huit huit of Chiffchaffs, and a few Swallows and Swifts were about. I didn't get any furhter than the patch of grass!

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