Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Little Gull Brings Patch Tick

Wild Cherry

Mute Swan

14th April. A return by me to Killingworth Lake this afternoon ensured I secured a patch tick when I found the Little Gull. Although actively feeding tern like over the water, this handsome gull was easily seen as I approached the lake. I watched for sometime, and at times it flew within a few yards of me, giving me probably my best views ever of this species. I’m sure there can’t have been many previous records of Little Gull on Killy Lake, at least not in recent years. The usual Black Headed Gulls were there of course (and it was good to compare the Little Gull with them) and 2 Lesser Black Backed Gulls flew down the lake as I watched. The Great Crested Grebes remain, although still no sign of courtship or nest, and Grey Heron is now a regular, today catching a large fish from the smaller lake.

Birds found in the church grounds included Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Blackbird and Mistle Thrush. I later heard much calling from around the Nuthatch nesting hole and found the pair of birds. Even managed to take a less then perfect photograph from a safe distance of one of the birds at the nest.

I took a look for any early arriving Whitethroat in the usual area, but the only warblers about were Chiffchaff. Time wasn’t wasted however as I found a pair of Bullfinch feeding from new shoots amongst the trees.

A really good time of year with more and more greenery showing, much blossom on the trees and just enough bird song in the year so as not to get too confused!


  1. Nice to see this area getting a boost.

  2. Cheers Brian. I often wonder how many members of the community know (or care) what's around them in Killinworth. I think many would be surprised. Brian

  3. The killingworth lake area has lots of sightings all year round, we always call in on the way out.

  4. Hi. Yes I always advise if passing to take a look as you can be surprised at what crops up. Brian