Thursday, 13 October 2016

Oh Brother...Another Winner!

History has given us Romulus and Remus, Cain and Able, Jacob and Wilhem (the Brothers Grim), Bobby and Jack (Charlton), Don and Phil (Everly), Liam and Noel (Gallagher) and William and Harry (future King and sidekick), but now we have the best of the all, Samuel and Joshua aka Sam and Josh.

Overall winning image from Joshua
Sam gets the occasional mention on this blog because of his talents for the likes of birding and photography.  For Josh this is his first appearance of which I can imagine he’ll be very proud, and so he should be as only the crème del la crème get a look in on here.  On this occasion I won’t even charge him for the privilege.

The man himself with the winning image
After Sam’s success in the line of photography his brother Josh is now starting to show real promise, so you old(er) guys better get your act together.  Josh has recently visited Marvel Zoo to pick up his awards for winning the native wildlife section of the photography competition and also entering the over all winning image! 

Joshua with brother Samuel
I’ve included copies of the winning image and an image of the brothers.  Thanks to go to their proud mum who provided the images

Congratulations Joshua.


  1. A huge congrats to Josh! I saw one of Josh's images along with Sams at the Great North Museum - Hancock recently. A most talented family.

  2. Aye well done Joshua, now nick Sams kit it needs a real togger to give it a whirl. :):):)

    1. ha I think it will all be under lock and key!