Sunday, 25 October 2015

Cygnus cygnus Drops onto Patch

25th Oct.  I received a text and a call informing me that there were four Whooper Swans on the lake.  As the derby match was about to kick off I decided to wait ninety minutes before making my way down there.  Such was the result it might have been better just to have left immediately.  Anyway I met Sam down there later and watched the four Whooper Swans, a family of two adult and two juvenile birds.  I understand that they had been active earlier in the afternoon, but by now they were taking numerous naps.  By their behaviour it was obvious that they had just dropped in for a rest and feed.  By 15:30 they were calling a good deal, wing stretching and head bobbing.  We felt that they might be getting ready to leave and sure enough the four birds took to flight at 15:37.


A very recently dead Canada Goose floated head down on the lake, three Goldeneye were seen and a male Sparrowhawk flew overhead.  The hoped for colourful sunset was not going to materialise and so we left as temperatures began to drop again.

So autumn continues.

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