Monday, 15 December 2014

Return to the Rising Sun

15th Dec.  I can’t remember the last time I was at the Rising Sun Country Park, although I seem to remember at that time it was far warmer than it was today. 

I have to admit temperatures had picked up a bit from those over the weekend when I almost froze to the platform of North Shields Metro Station following a visit to The Keel Row Bookshop for a search through some old Natural History books.  If you’re a bibliophile the shop is well worth a look. 

Between cups of coffee, some very nice soup for lunch, passing over an Underthehood 2015 calendar and discussions about purchasing yet more books (this time nothing to do with natural history), I did manage a walk.  Bird life was pretty sparse but a large flock of Goldfinch (I couldn’t be sure that there weren’t other species in the flock) and some Jays showed very nicely as we walked down to the pond, passing the Stan the red stag along the way.

The pond held forty plus Gadwall and numbers of Shoveller amongst other waterfowl and gulls.  There was no sign of the Bittern whilst we watched which had been recorded yesterday.  A pair of Kestrel called as they mobbed something in the hedge on the opposite side of the pond.  A regular at Swallow Pond told us that there was a Harris Hawk there, and sure enough it did show very briefly, but it wasn’t until someone walked across the field carrying what looked like horse tackle that it flushed and flew off.  Dukes Pond held a few Mallard and an assortment of hybrids which were disappointed to find we hadn’t come to feed them!


  1. It's good that a Bittern has been spotted there, I hope it becomes a more regular sighting. I'll have to go to that book shop at some point, especially as I have passed it on many an occasion, lol!

    1. The Daily Mail reported in the last couple of days that Bittern numbers are at their highest since the 19th C. I'm sure this is old news. I don't buy the Daily Mail btw just noted something on the internet. I prefer to rely on conservation news, in fact any news, from sounder sources! :-)