Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Caught up a Ladder!

As readers of this blog know I’m generally averse to twitching.  Never the less I don’t deny that I do occasionally attend the odd one.  Having had a photo passed on from Tom M of me up a ladder at Hartlepool I can hardly deny it.  Just in case your wondering I’m the well dressed (in red)  and handsome one (I wasn’t up against stiff competition as you can see!)  on top of the ladder to the left.

It was in many ways a fun day, as I was with good company, but I have to say the photograph reflects the day very well and I believe underlines everything I don’t like about twitching.  The crowded scene being the primary thing.  I'm not certain that white van near the wall, which had about eight folk standing on its roof at one time, survived the ordeal!

Best part of the day was quietly watching a Red-backed Shrike on the coast after the circus was over.

I haven’t added a ladder to my essential birding gear as yet!

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  1. Wow, that's certainly birding with a difference, lol!