Sunday, 8 June 2014

Significant Delivery + Garden Inhabitants

8th Jun.  Just time for a quick visit to the lake this morning, where a brief look seemed to suggest that only one of the two Great Crested Grebe chicks on the smaller lake has survived.  I don’t think I missed one hidden away somewhere, but I’d be happy to be told I did.  Good news though is that our pair of mated Mute Swans has this year produced five cygnets.  This is significant as breeding has often been unsuccessful in recent years.  It was Sam who found the nest weeks ago, but we’ve kept quiet about it as last year the eggs were destroyed /stolen.  I was told how, but once again as it is hearsay I shan’t repeat the tale.  I’ve found that tales are often incorrect.  The nest was near the roadside last year and the eggs were there one day and gone the next.  I do know that.  Thankfully what I believe is the same pair of Mute Swans took better care to keep out of the way this year.

The lake appeared very quiet this morning, although Coot chicks were about in number, Common Terns where there in small numbers as were hirundines.  Cloud was once again gathering and threatening rain.


The garden is now attracting Speckled Wood Butterflies on a regular basis.  I tried for more photographs, but the butterflies were too flighty in the sun.  I took the opportunity to take some images of the resident spiders lurking nearby and my old friend Jasper the Common Wasp.

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