Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hen Harriers Again

Tune in here  https://soundcloud.com/cafeculture-northeast  for a talk given by Blanaid Denman, Skydancer Engagement Officer.  The talk was given for Cafe Culture, Newcastle.  I understand that there was lots of discussion afterwards, but unfortunately that isn't included on the pod-cast.  Not easy to stand up and give a talk for thirty minutes without notes or props, so well done Blanaid.  Certainly a way to get the message across.


  1. Yes very interesting and to think that the Hen harrier was recorded here as early as 1544!

    The project shall hopefully have the same success as the Red Kite one did, it's too nice a bird to be without.

    1. I think there is confusion amongst some folk as to what the Skydancer Project is about Mark. I've seen some criticism re it's function because some think it isn't taking the correct/strong enough stance. However it's main purpose as I see it is to raise awareness of the plight of the Hen Harrier in England. It is only one element of a much wider attempt coming from several directions to save the Hen Harrier. One thing is certain, reintroductions are not necessary as there is no doubt the Hen Harrier would continue to successfully breed on our upland moors if it were not for persecution.

  2. Yeah raising awareness by itself can go a long way. Many people haven't heard of a Hen Harrier and a lot of the one's who have, won't know about the level of persecution.

    So the Skydancer project, shall hopefully re-dress the balance in a significant way.