Friday, 3 January 2014

I Have a Dream for 2014

Jan 2014.  All birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts are born equal and remain equal wherever their interest lies.

I have a dream that a birders worth will be measured not by the size of their ‘list’, but instead, by the level of their knowledge and passion for birds and wildlife, and the extent of their contribution (in what ever form) to the conservation of biodiversity.  Remember, size really doesn’t matter!

I have a dream that everyone who shows an interest in birds and nature will be fully embraced and welcomed into the fold as equals and that elitism becomes a thing of the past and that the silly notion of ‘leagues for birders’ be kicked into touch once and for all.

I have a dream that I shall one day walk towards a bird hide and not be met by someone giving me a verbal list of birds that are to be seen (unless I ask for it) and that it will be accepted wisdom that I may wish to make my own sightings and that I can distinguish between a Ruff and a Redshank (on a good day).  (Saltholme RSPB Reserve take note!)

I have a dream that that voices in bird hides will be kept to a low level of sound, especially when those voices are slagging off people I know in the local birding community!

I have a dream that that the UK Government will announce that conservation of species is to be given a higher priority than the lining of the pockets of developers and that North Tyneside Council will be abolished unless seen to follow this edict from above.

I have a dream that those owners of 600mm (and above) lenses will see the error of some of their ways and not assume that they have a right to be ‘at the front’ because they want the best image on Flicker no matter how it is achieved  even if it is at the detriment of the subject.

I have a dream that Hen Harriers will produce young again and that these same young will be left to fly over England’s green and pleasant land without the fear of meeting lead shot and poison.  In fact I have a dream that all raptor numbers will be allowed to increase in number or at least remain stable and that those attempting to ensure otherwise face hefty punishment.

I have a dream that all dog owners will become less selfish when walking their pet/s and accept that their ‘Rover’s’ needs are not necessarily at the forefront of the everyone’s mind and that we don’t all like muddy paws up our trouser legs or to be charged at by their ever so adorable beast.  Remember, Nature Reserves are reserved for nature and not the running loose of your dog.  Gosforth inhabitants please take note!

I have a dream that when we arrange RSPB walks, that everyone who books a place on the event actually turns up or at least has the manners to inform us that they are unable to attend.

I have a dream that the next time the neighbour’s cats enter my garden to attack the garden birds and urinate on my plants, that some heavily built Magpie gives them a good pecking and that when the neighbour expresses horror I am able to say ‘it’s only nature’!!!

I have a dream that when ever I go out on birding adventures the cloud will clear from the sky and shafts of sunlight will brighten the day.

I have a dream that a mega rarity will appear at Killingworth Lake, but that only Sam and I see it before it flies off and that when the many doubters say ‘we don’t think they actually saw that species’ we are able to whip out copies of our first class images and show them whilst the doubters are struck by bolts of lightening sent from heaven.

I have a dream that all bird races will be won by a bird.

Ich bin ein Berliner………..ooops sorry, wrong speech.

I have a dream brothers and sisters…..I have a dream.

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