Monday, 9 December 2013

Images and Friends

Saturday saw the RSPB Group's informal meeting at the Rising Sun Country Park.  I guess that it being in early December meant that it was never going to be well attended.  I enjoyed the day though and especially the chat with those who took the time to pop along for a short time.

Sam and I were there with our selection of printed images.  This was a trial run of our display boards and I’m confident that we’ll be using them again at future events and presentations.  In fact we already have one presentation lined up for 2014.

I unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) can't seem to download the image that includes me!  So we have Samuel (Under the Hood Photography) next to our prints and Samuel's digital display. 
We only had the chance of a short walk on Saturday, but from the accounts of others it seemed that there wasn’t that much bird life about although we managed to see small flocks of Redwing and Fieldfare.

One thing I did gain on Saturday was a signed book.  It is ‘John Clare, This Happy Spirit’ by R K R Thornton and Carry Akroyd.  It contains a selection of poems by Clare and some very nice illustrations.  My thanks go to friends Kelsey (editor) and Hilary for this.

The Winter comes, I walk alone;
I want no birds to sing
To those who keep there hearts their own
The Winter is the Spring.
No flowers to please, no bees to hum;
The coming Spring’s already come.
John Clare

Thanks again to all who supported the day.


  1. Cheers, it was nice to see the images (and to purchase Sam's calender before they all sell out), lol.

  2. Thanks Mark. I don't think Sam has many calendars left at all, so you just got in quick enough. I'm sure that there will be many who will wish they had acted sooner!!!

  3. Yes I'm sure you're right! I made a point of going to the event quite early, so that I didn't miss out, lol.