Tuesday, 6 August 2013

After Torrential Rain

5th Aug.  I’d planned to visit the lake today to check on the nesting Great Crested Grebes but decided against, especially when the rain came down in torrents around tea-time.  I was told the lake had flooded.  By mid evening the skies were clearing so I reversed my decision again and went to check things out.  I’m so pleased I did.  Eighty to one hundred Swifts flew at various levels in the sky so as to take advantage of the feast of insects out after the rain and a Grey Heron stood at the corner of the larger lake un-phased by occasional passing traffic.  Thankfully the last fifth and last egg in the grebes nest appeared to have hatched and the family were in the safest of positions in the centre of the lake.  The nest was still intact.  Lake water spilt over the adjoining land.

As I retraced my steps on the way home I found the sky as attractive as I have ever seen it over the lake.  I decided to hang around a take and series of photographs as did another photographer.  My images are below.  No adjustments have been made to any of them so they are as taken.


  1. That's a lovely sunset, those images would take some beating.

    I'm pleased that the Grebes on the lake have done very well despite sometimes awful weather!