Saturday, 25 May 2013


25th May.  Today’s RSPB walk had been planned for some months so fingers had been crossed for some time now in the hopes of being blessed with fair weather.  I’m not superstitious, but the crossed fingers paid off and we were able to spend time in the sun.  No, not superstitious and just as well, as there was thirteen participating on the walk.  In fact a nice number ensuring a friendly feel to the day.  I was able to relax with Sam taking the lead in an area he knows so well.  It proved to be a day about habitat, history, a Laidley Worm, great birds and other wildlife, all enjoyed with no little laughter. 

I’m going to keep my report of the day short for a change.  It’s been a long day in the sun.  Opportunities for photography are somewhat limited on such days, but hope the few images I show here reflect the atmosphere. Having now been involved in leading these walks for a few years, I have to say that I haven’t enjoyed any one of them more than today’s.  One of the memories that will stick the most I think is the bird song which included many Song Thrushes and the likes of Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff, Wood Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Common Whitethroat, Yellowhammer and Skylark.

Another memory will be the time spent on Spindlestone Heugh which turned up a fleeting sighting of Lesser Whitethroat along with the stunning views of the Northumberland coastline.  I shall also remember that the highland beast, with what I’m sure are the largest horns I’ve ever seen!  I’m sure it was a gentle beast!

We set off from Budle Bay at 10.00am and it must have been around 4.30pm when we returned having seen fifty-six species of bird and also Roe Deer, Brown Hare, Bank Vole and Common Toad.  Butterflies seen included Large White, Small White, Green-veined White, Orange Tip, Peacock and Speckled Wood.

Thanks go to all who participated (I’ll be surprised if they don’t want to return to Spindlestone soon).  Special thanks go to Sam for his work and good humour and not to mention, his introducing me a while ago to such a great area.

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  1. Yeah it was a great day and I definitely want to return there.

    It would be an ideal place for a short break, especially with the weather we had yesterday.