Thursday, 4 April 2013

Patching Again

4th April.  The ground has dried up nicely, but still little seems to be coming through it.  Best not comment on how cold it remains and lack of Chiffchaff calls!

I did catch a brief sighting of a Fox again today as it sneaked through cover.  By the time I had lifted the binoculars it had disappeared.

I have been wondering who puts the feeders up on patch.  Who ever is doing it must be spending quite a bit of cash doing so, as they have been well stocked throughout the winter.  There were plenty of Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, a single Siskin and tits around them today.  The pair of Great Spotted Woodpeckers which I reckon nest close by had been visiting earlier in the week.  The Siskin was more obliging ‘sitter’ today than the woodpeckers had been.  I couldn’t resist the Robin either, as I walked to the lake.

The lake was being blown around a good bit today in the strikingly cold wind and there was little on its surface although at least one pair of Goldeneye remains.  I’m not sure if the Mute Swans have been confused by the weather or the fencing put up at the tope end of the lake.  I think probably the latter.  More Mute Swan are visiting the smaller lake and in doing so, stopping the traffic as they wander across the road.  I’m expecting boards to go up soon requesting that people don’t feed the birds.  I’m not sure what the delay is with this as the council seemed keen to have these up.  Today they were being fed by the bag load!

I’m looking forward to an action packed week next week.

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  1. Hopefully also the coastal paths which had been flooded will be okay now.

    Nice pics especially of the Siskin. That's always nice to have on the list.