Wednesday, 27 March 2013


27th March.  So it is spring then?  At 4:00pm today I briefly heard the call of a single Chiffchaff on patch.  I couldn't catch sight of it before the next snow fall began and the bird seemed to move deeper into the trees.  Exactly nine days later than Chiffchaffs appeared in the same area last year!  In recent years 20th March has been the latest date that these birds have appeared in this area and from then on the air has been full of their calls, but definitely not this year!

Maybe a degree or two warmer today, or at least the chill factor wasn't quite as bad with less wind.  Hopefully more Chiffchaff calls and bird song in general over the weekend.  I'm getting itchy feet and need to get out there.

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  1. Yeah hopefully today is the start of the better weather, (with plenty of Chiffchaff's to come, lol).