Friday, 7 December 2012

More Attenborough

Perhaps I'm a bit slow and everyone has seen this collection long ago, but just in case you haven't and are interested in David Attenborough's early programmes take a look here.

I watched the episode about the Komodo Dragon last night.  Well OK, in black and white, very dated and poor quality picture, but still very interesting, especially as I'd just read the book.


  1. I am old enough to remember it the first time around ,cutting edge TV at the time. ( although I was to young to know )

  2. Me too Brian, although very young I remember watching, but can't remember the content. It's good that it still all exists on film. Cheers.

  3. Along with the early Attenborough books, these programmes, along with the Peter Scott 'Look' series, were the inspiration for my lifelong interest in natural history and conservation.

    Memories of several have returned by just reading the titles. Well done for tracking them down.

  4. Thanks Andrew.
    My blog on 30th Nov gives a link to some exerts from the Look series which might be of interest. Cheers.