Wednesday, 1 August 2012

More Macro

31st July.  After a spell of watching some bird action on the lake (a Little Grebe remains) I took some time out to look for insects.

Small Skipper Butterflies seem to have reached a peak in numbers on the little patch I watch.  There were many of them although I think numbers will soon fall.  I noticed male Small Skippers on several occasions following Meadow Brown Butterflies and have since read that the male skippers will investigate females of any species.  I was very pleased with this image.  It was the only Small Skipper to settle. 


I got my eye on the Two-spot Ladybird as I sat beside the lake.  It was very obliging.  

There were some very attractive insects about and this was one of them.  I need to get myself a decent insect guide book because the Collins I have is useless.  An i d would be much appreciated.  It's another image that I was very pleased with.

The sun brought the best out of this Blow Fly.


  1. Your fly appears to be, helophilus pendulus, as there does appear to be a black central stripe on the face, i think a common name ive heard is sun fly.

  2. Thanks a lot Brian. Just looked it up on the internet and that seems to be the one. Cheers.

  3. Nice pics! It's good to see the 'green' on the fly. You probably couldn't pick that up without a decent lens!